Dr. Shanequa Fleming is the founder and CEO of Culture Accelerators, a boutique consulting firm known for helping the world’s most essential industries solve seemingly impossible culture challenges, including digital disruption; driving growth; diversity, equity and inclusion, disengagement and disconnects with stakeholders. 


For more than 20 years, Dr. Fleming and her expert team have helped organizations and leaders build capacity, capabilities and resilience. As a former Chief Learning Officer, change catalyst and culture and leadership maven, she has developed a proprietary framework accelerate the path to greater impact, focusing on resource optimization, organizational design, leadership pipeline, workforce reskilling and human resilience. She is a sought-after speaker, recognized thought leader, and a fire brand in the area of Big Emotion and its role in accelerating both impact and results. As an adjunct professor and TedX speaker, Dr. Fleming’s passion and commitment to people realizing their highest potential and purpose is demonstrated in leadership initiatives, ranging from global-scale efforts such as Virgin Unite’s 100% Human at Work initiate down to powerful local programs, such as the Racial, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion initiative through the Urban League of Broward County in Florida.


Shanequa Fleming holds a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership, Master of Science in Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Human Resource Development and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Public Administration. 


The solutions we need to meet the challenges of organizations and move them forward in times of increasing complexity and uncertainty are found in the sweet spot of maximizing potential and creating pathways for the future.”


Dr. Shanequa Fleming

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