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Live Lead Academy™

Fast-track Your Next Chapter of EXTRAordinary!

If you’re a high potential professional or emerging leader at a crossroad in your career, it’s time to grow to the next level.

I remember standing at my own career crossroads grappling with questions like: “Why do I feel undervalued and under recognized, no matter how much I do to help my organization move forward?”

I surpassed my goals, supported, and mentored others, increased revenue, and profitability of service lines, only to discover other layers to peel back. Through these pivotal moments I experienced every emotion imaginable—hope, doubt, enthusiasm, frustration . . . fueled by the times I did the work and exceeded expectations, only to be rewarded with “You have great potential” or “you’re just not ready yet.”

All of this turned out to be clues that my journey was crucial. My work with organizations across various industries validated that this was not only my experience, but so many proven professionals can relate to this as well. These moments shaped the core of my professional character and brought me to a liberating realization: I can create my own path forward.

Drawing from my personal journey and lessons, I created the Live Lead Academy™, tailored for high potential professionals and emerging leaders who are at a crossroad in their careers. I understand of the importance of being clear about your unique value proposition, continuous learning, and growth. Community? It's the network I wish I had - and now, it's yours to benefit from.

From discovering your strengths, personal success formulas, goal setting, leadership development, industry insights, live Q&A sessions, to a rich resource library, the Live Lead Academy™, has been meticulously curated to guide you through various stages of your career and beyond. I invite you to dive deep into this transformative journey with insights, proven strategies, and tools from someone who's been there. You will be empowered to embrace your G.E.N.I.U.S. and unlock infinite possibilities to rewrite your playbook to win in life, career, and leadership.

You’re set to soar. Let’s take flight!

Here's what awaits you!

Live Lead Academy™

Elevate Your Presence with the Personal Brand Clinic

Unlock your true potential by refining your personal brand. Our exclusive course is dedicated to amplifying your influence and creating a striking impact in your niche.

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Navigate Your Future with Quarterly Goal Setting Sessions

Envision, set, and reassess your professional and personal objectives each quarter with our insightful workshops. We’re here to provide a clear and actionable roadmap for your short-term and long-term goals.

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Accelerate Your Leadership with Monthly Labs

Step into our monthly leadership accelerator labs that concentrated learning experiences. Explore practical exercises on a myriad of topics including upcoming trends, enhancing visibility, and mastering leadership challenges.

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Weekly Leadership Insights Directly to Your Inbox

Every week, you’ll receive curated leadership insights, specially designed to equip you with strategic foresight on industry trends and vital tips to navigate through evolving times.

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Embrace Well-being with Our Self-Care Sessions

Join us each month for virtual sessions with well-being experts covering crucial topics like stress management, mindfulness, and work-life balance. Plus, gain access to resources like guided meditation to support your mental wellness journey.

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Unleash Learning with Our Resource Library

Unlimited access to resources and tools that will prepare you for the steps ahead.

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Find Your Tribe in Our Community Forum

Engage in our private, members-only forum, where you can network, exchange questions, and share insights. It’s not just a forum, it’s your new thinking tank where every idea and challenge is welcomed and dissected for optimal outcomes.

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Enjoy Exclusive Discounts

Receive special discounted rates on all our professional and personal development experiences, because when you grow, we grow!

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