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Hi! I’m Dr. Shanequa Fleming, a woman of one purpose, and many missions, all to inspire possibilities and the FREEDOM to live in love, power and truth.

I help organizations create environments where people continually learn, flourish and lead it forward from the inside out. I support leaders to discover their path to greater impact. I stretch the edges of your mindset and help you up-level your leadership and transform the culture of your organization for people to live out their highest potential and purpose – which naturally creates exponential growth and impact.

When you come to know, embrace and express every aspect of who you are, you will thrive as a leader as well as in your life.

It's time to stop hiding your wisdom, insights, resources and solutions and. . . 

* Stretch your mindset and up-level your leadership. 

* Learn how to unlock infinite possibilities and embrace your greatness.

* Create and practice habits to optimize your energy and health.

* Transform the culture of your environment. 

* Discover your path to greater impact. 

Elevate your leadership and the leadership of your organization without burnout or sacrificing your personal life.

My formula to change the world is to teach people how to tap into who they are and not just what they do to Take action and create Habits that help you Realize greater Impact Visibility and Extraordinary results (THRIVE) in every aspect of their life.

With 2 decades of experience in helping leaders and organizations navigate complex change, I have found that there is an over reliance on extrinsic sources of power which often creates superficial value and establishes a short-lived competitive edge. This increases lack of ownership, limits creativity, diminishes the value of strengths, stifles growth and compromises desired results.

I believe the beauty, boldness and brilliance of leadership is in the human spirit. Sharing experiences of love, power and truth takes the best parts of who we are, our diverse backgrounds, our distinct gifts and helps us communicate, connect and collaborate with respect for the absolute value of each other. People, teams, organizations, communities, families are strengthened when the presence, voice and heart of leaders forge the way to a more connected world.

Embrace your uniqueness, own your truth, connect with your desires, share your voice, and show up in mind, body and spirit. Remove the stigma of competition. Rise up help change the world!

My approach is collaborative. I bring a perspective to leadership that is often overlooked or as I call it “miscontexted.” The goals is to create the blueprint to unleash your transformative power and achieve exponential impact. 

My holistic approach to transformation integrates your mind, body, and spirit to take you and the organization you lead to the next level. 

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Your leadership is guided by your desires, your motivations, your beliefs, your values. 

Change the Way You See the World

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funds eye health and vision care for kids and provides opportunities for people to (THRIVE) in every aspect of their life.