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I’m the Founder and Principal of Perfect Solutions Consulting Group, Perfect Solutions Consulting Group is a human potential development firm with a focus in organizational culture, leadership development, performance management and wellness. I am committed to and passionate about helping organizations create a culture where people continually learn, flourish and lead. My approach is to ignite creative genius and inspire meaningful work that activates and nurtures purpose-driven employee engagement, commitment and enthusiasm to create exponential impact, growth and revenue.

The work I’ve done over the last 20 years has afforded me a wealth of knowledge and insight that span the landscape of society--business and entrepreneurship, government, banking, education, healthcare and non-profit entities.

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This unique vantage point allows me to help leaders and their organizations achieve the greatest return on engagement and investment. With deep expertise in organizational development, leadership, talent management, and enterprise-wide learning, I’ve consistently shaped organizational culture partnered with executives to create exponential organizational impact.

I believe that all great transformation begins with asking great questions and allowing her clients the same space to answer. My goal is to devise the best solutions to help organizations create a path forward and accelerate the speed and realization of human potential and impact.

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What I believe

Lead with What You Believe 

I believe the beauty, boldness and brilliance of leadership is in the human spirit. Sharing experiences of love, power and truth takes the best parts of who we are, our diverse backgrounds, our distinct gifts and helps us communicate, connect and collaborate with respect for the absolute value of each other. People, teams, organizations, communities, families are strengthened when the presence, voice and heart of leaders forge the way to a more connected world.

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